about kanti: ernestine and coco


Ernestine has always been a fun-loving admirer of all things beautiful. After years of teaching and watching her children grow up to travel the world, she decided to go explore a little herself. By asking around, she started collecting ideas and curiosities from a number of helpful people located in not-so-local places. Together, they found numerous worldly goods infused by beautiful stories. Thus she decided to make some of these beautiful pieces available in her world. She is thrilled to be able to share some of her treasures with you.


Coco has been working for Kanti since it’s modest beginnings. The idea for Kanti began while was living in a small rural town in South India. While she was there, she came across a lot of beautiful products infused with beautiful stories. Her travels and work experiences have sent her around Asia and other parts of the world. Although she dabbles in many things, Coco maintains an active role in helping develop Kanti’s mission, establishing its presence, and discovering new goods to share with you.

“Be Beautiful, Be Kanti.”