Keeping little ones busy with imaginative play

Posted by Kanti Goods on Aug 20th 2020

Keeping little ones busy with imaginative play

Keeping the little ones busy is extra challenging these days. On a trip to see relatives to get a little reprieve from working from home and quarantining for months, we were looking for anything to help keep our curious little one entertained.

When we arrived in our room, there was a special gift waiting for the little one, a basket full of adorable cuddly bunnies to play with! We had so much fun!

A few weeks later, after spending some more time at home to stay safe, we traveled to another place to see other sets of family members and went to put baby to sleep in one of the bedrooms. Baby crawled right up to a bookshelf where the same stuffed animals were, pigs this time, and grabbed them, immediately wanting to play. What fun we had, playing with the piggies!

Sometimes, happiness finds itself in the most unlikely of places. In two places, these unlikely stuffed animal friends kept our little one busy.