Posted by Kanti Goods on Jan 25th 2012

Stuffed Animals Brighten up Baby's Room

Hi everyone, Our friend Jane recently welcomed her new baby boy Cruz into the world. We were so pleased to see that his new room is filled with some of Kanti’s stuffed animals that we thought we’d share one of her baby photos with you. These colorful stuffed animals are made with traditional Indian block print fabric and were hand stitched by a women’s development cooperative in South India that offers local women an opportunity to learn a craft while working in a safe environment. We are so happy Jane’s beautiful baby can cuddle up with these animals that support a good cause. Browse more of our stuffed animals to brighten up your baby’s room here! Be Beautiful, Be Kanti! Baby Cruz and Kanti's Stuffed Animals Baby Cruz and Kanti's Stuffed Animals. Photo Credit: Martha Macris.