Custom Kanti FAQs

How do we start?

Simply contact a Kanti representative to discuss a desired design. In the initial consultation you brainstorm ideas. A preliminary quote will be provided by Kanti based on their experience for the level of design complexity you choose. Want to proceed? After the initial consultation, a design fee is due prior to submitting a design to the artisan for final quote.

What happens if the artisan decides they cannot produce the design?

If the artisan determines the design cannot creatively or economically be produced or is significantly outside of the preliminary quote provided by Kanti, the design fee can be refunded should you decide not to modify the design.

What if I change my mind after I have approved a design?

You will approve the design prior to sending it to the artisan. The artisan prepares the final quote and provides a photo of a first article. The design fee is nonrefundable. Should you decide not to proceed with the minimum required for wholesale pricing, a single piece is available for you to purchase at retail pricing. The retail price set by Kanti will not exceed an increase of 100% of the final quoted wholesale piece price.

Where are the pieces made?

Kanti Goods has worked with our silversmith artisan for over 8 years and is proud of the relationship formed that helps not only support his enterprise but extends to his helping his craftsmen and community. Each piece is handcrafted by the artisan’s team of craftsmen in Nepal. No Kanti piece is machine made.

Are the pieces fair trade items?

Kanti sells ethically sourced products, using international craftsmen proudly enforcing industry standards.

What is the material used to make the pieces?

Our artisan selects the material to meet a desired price point. Sterling silver, red and yellow coppers or white metal. The final quote provided to you is based on the material you select for your design.

What kind of products do you sell?

If you can think it, there is an excellent chance our artisan can create it considering your desired price point. Kanti Goods Custom goods can include pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, money clips, cuff links, belt buckles. If you have an item not listed, talk to your Kanti representative. Our artisans love to create unique items and are up for a challenge.

What is the difference between a Custom and Semi-custom design?

By way of example, a logo converted into a product would be considered custom. An example of a semi-custom product is a Kanti piece such as a bracelet or a “message in a bottle” necklace that can be personalized with desired engraving, or one of our necklace chains that can be personalized to include an alphanumeric character. A design such as the “be kanti” script necklace may also be a semi-custom design. See the Custom homepage to view images of our Semi-Custom designs.

What if someone wants to order my design?

Your custom design that includes your logo or other branded content is not offered for sale by Kanti except to you. Semi-custom product content may overlap or be identical to your and another customer’s design or contain identical non-branded words. Regardless, when a piece is created for a customer by Kanti it is sold to the customer requesting the customization and not available from Kanti to the general public. However, Kanti reserves the right to photograph, publish and distribute any custom design image for use in Kanti's promotional and marketing campaigns.

Are there fees in addition to the product price?

A design fee is required for Kanti Custom piece designs but not for our Semi-Custom designs. A minimum order is necessary to qualify for wholesale pricing.

What Semi-Custom items do not incur a design fee?

Items selected for no design fee may change from time to time, please see the examples of our current Semi-Custom selections on the Kanti Custom homepage.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is a minimum order dollar value of $300 to qualify for wholesale pricing. Kanti preliminary quotes and the artisan’s final quote is based on the number of pieces meeting that minimum. Adjustments to quantities after final quote may affect final piece pricing.

What is the leadtime to receive my jewelry or accessory?

Leadtime is quoted as 6-8 weeks.

Are there shipping costs?

Shipping from Nepal to Kanti, Austin, TX is included. Any additional shipping charges from Kanti to your final location may be at your expense.

Do you only focus on women’s items?

Not at all. Kanti Goods has a diverse offering of designs that suit both women and men as well as children. See for design examples. 

Are there returns or credits issued?

All pieces created for custom design orders are final sale and are not eligible for refund. We want you to be delighted with the creation and will work with you to correct any errors in order fulfillment or defective goods. Check your order immediately upon arrival and report any issues by email to Kanti ( within seven (7) calendar days from your receipt of merchandise.

How do I care for my pieces?

Standard care for jewelry and accessories is always recommended to limit the tarnishing of your piece. Sterling silver, coppers and metals will patina over time without proper attention. Keep your designs at their brightest.

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