Dambar's Story

In the heart of the dramatic Himalayan mountain range lies Nepal, a country
full of vibrant colors, rich traditions, people born into the lowest caste are
doomed to live a life of poverty with little to no opportunities.

Dambar started as an independent silversmith. He was helped by a Dutchman
who had encountered him by chance. This man, decided to give Dambar a
helping hand because Dambar suffered from the disease TB. In the
Netherlands this would not be a life threatening disease, but in a country like
Nepal it is not easy to get medication for this. The doctors said that there was
no hope if Dambar could not buy this medicine.

The Dutchman raised the money and helped Dambar to get well. But
according to the beautiful proverb "Give a man a fish, he can eat. Give
someone a fishing rod, he can learn to fish." They decided that Dambar had to
learn to support himself. He learned the trade of silversmith and started a small workshop.