A Mission Driven Company

The idea of Kanti Goods blossomed when a mother and daughter’s wanderlust led them to Southern India. While visiting these new places, we started collecting beautiful pieces infused with beautiful stories. We were so inspired by our findings that we decided to bring back some of these treasures and share them with you.


Kanti brings fine worldly goods to you while working to help the local good. Many of our products come from organizations that give opportunities to underprivileged women and small-scale artisans, and entrepreneurs while encouraging local materials and fair production methods. Our products help support their causes by helping them acquire new skills, opportunities, and economic independence within their local communities. Our name Kanti is derived from Sanskrit, the ancient language of South Asia, which started many of the world’s modern languages. Kanti, the Sanskrit word for beauty, is thus a root for worldly beauty. Here at Kanti, our aim is to offer a variety of beautiful and genuine fine worldly goods so that everyone can enjoy some of the beauty available in our world.

Be Beautiful be Kanti